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yr3 Spring term Arabic resources

All year 3 Arabic resources can be found on this page.

Assalamu alaykum, 

Alhamulillah, we are pleased to let you know that Arabic spelling and other vocabulary practice is now available on three different websites for you to choose from.  Arabic vocabulary builders are ; Quizlet, Memrise and Blooket [note the spelling, booklet not booklet :-) ].

We suggest parent email is used to register and monitor children's activity from home. 

Here are the links and a useful booklet attachment:

The easiest way to use Quizlet is to visit the class page available on the link below. Simply scroll down and select your year group.

Class page on Quizlet 

yr3 (spring term 1)

Yr 3 Family - core vocabulary:

o   Memrise:

o   Quizlet:

o   Blooket:

Yr3 Spelling (homework due on Thursday)

·       Memrise (spelling Spring 1): 

·       Memrise (spelling Spring 2): (coming soon)

·       Memrise (spelling Spring 1 & 2 combined): (coming soon)

·       Quizlet (spelling Spring 1): 

·       Quizlet (spelling Spring 2): 

·       Quizlet (spelling Spring 1 & 2 combined):

·       Blooket (spelling Spring 1): 

·       Blooket (spelling Spring 2):

·       Blooket (spelling Spring 1 & 2 combined):