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Arabic spelling year 4

Arabic spelling list Autumn term 1  2022-23 

Arabic spelling is due every Thursday.  All practise needs to be done in Arabic homework books.

Please see notes below on how to practise.

You may also find it useful to practise the vocabulary using on these links

year 4 spelling autumn term 1

year 4 spelling autumn term 2

year 4 spelling autumn term 1 and 2 combined

year 4 spelling class invite link

On this link you will find the vocabulary relevant to the current topic we are covering: 


year 4 Spring term 1 spelling


Spring 1 (January - February) Spelling list is now available on Quizlet and Memrise. The links are 

To use memrise you may need to make an account using your personal email. 

Thereafter, you can use the link below to practise Arabic vocabulary.  


Quizlet - 


Memrise -