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Year Five - Lime Tree Class

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  • Year 5 Residential to Gilwell Park!

    Published 07/06/23, by Jamilah Noor

    At one with nature at Gilwell Park.

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  • World Book Day!

    Published 02/05/23, by Jamilah Noor

    Lime Tree pupils dressed up as their favourite book characters!

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  • Keep the Earth Clean and Green!

    Published 22/05/24, by Nafisah Mahmood

    'For our drop-down day, we went to Goodmayes park for a sports session. At the beginning, we warmed up by doing some jumping and running on the spot. Then we did different exercises, such as squats, star jumps and burpes. At the end, we did a race in a pair of two teams. Although it was a draw, it was really fun!' - Hassan H

    'In English, the whole class learnt about how you should save the precious Earth. We made a large poster as a class, highlighting ways to save the Earth. For example, don't waste water, use public transport, reduce your dairy and many more. It was so fun! Make sure you save the environment too!' - Zayd J

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  • Spectacular swimming...

    Published 15/05/24, by Nafisah Mahmood

    'Last week, it was the girls' turn to go swimming. We were all excited! We changed into our costumes and the swimming coaches told us the rules, but I was familiar with them as we also went swimming in Year 3. The coaches saw us swim and put us into groups. There were some amazing swimmers! The water was cold, but I liked it because it was a hot day. We had a short session as it was our first. Getting changed back into our school uniform was a nightmare!' - Inaayah R

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  • The Maritime Museum was incredible!

    Published 15/05/24, by Nafisah Mahmood

    'We went to the Maritime Museum in Greenwich Park on a spectacular train journey which felt like countless hours. We explored the museum and discovered the remarkable journey of Sir Earnest Shackleton and his crew members. We explored what they used during those times and read about what they did; I saw many artefacts. After, we went to the playground and the whole experience was incredible.' - Armeen W

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  • Frame Structures!

    Published 02/05/24, by Nafisah Mahmood

    'In DT, we learnt that frame structures have to be rigid and secure so that they can support massive amounts of weight. Frame structures give shapes, and are useful for support and weight-bearing. The same structural enhancement is still implemented into modern buildings, such as the tallest sky scrapper in the world; the Burj  Khalifa!' - Rayyan C

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  • Our Eid decorations are a beautiful sight to see!

    Published 17/04/24, by Nafisah Mahmood

    Farewell to our sacred month of Ramadan and our festive day of Eid...

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  • Great British Spring Clean!​​​​​​​

    Published 27/03/24, by Nafisah Mahmood

    'This week our class got the opportunity to help the environment by litter picking. We had lots of fun going around the park finding all kinds of rubbish such as plastic bags, cans, bottles and so on. It was an honour to help nature' - Shuayb M

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    Published 25/03/24, by Nafisah Mahmood

    Islamic Awareness Week is an event celebrated across the globe. Its purpose is to raise awareness about Islam and provide a platform for members of the Muslim community to share their experiences and perspectives. 

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    Published 11/03/24, by Nafisah Mahmood

    'On Monday we had book swap day. I went around hoping for an enjoyable book to read and, luckily, I found something.

    The next day was... you'll never guess what?! Pjama's day! I wore my my pyjamas and I noticed that people were coming looking very suspicious. It was crazy!

    On Thursday we had World Book Day! This was the best day of the week for me as I was dressed as a Paddington bear; I created his shirt, coat and suitcase!' - Yusuf R

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    Published 01/03/24, by Nafisah Mahmood

    A young boy lives in the slums of Malaysia, but he has one dream... to play for Real Madrid. 

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  • Splendid Science Museum!

    Published 15/02/24, by Nafisah Mahmood


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