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Year One - Olive Tree Class

Read all about our exciting adventures and learning!

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  • Computing in Year One

    Published 17/03/21, by Mahbuba Choudhury

    Computing in Year 1 this week!

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  • British Science Week!

    Published 17/03/21, by Fahmida Begum
    In year 1, the children investigated which biscuit is the best to dunk in their tea! We used a jug of warm water (as our tea) and 3 different types of biscuits – Digestive, Jammie Dodger and Nice. We worked in our groups and took turns to
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  • Drop Down Day 2!

    Published 25/11/21, by Fahmida Begum

    “Mistakes can be forgiven, if you have the courage to admit them”

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  • Glow Day!

    Published 19/11/21, by Fahmida Begum


    As the days get shorter, and it gets darker, stay safe and be seen by road users!

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  • Drop Down Day!

    Published 04/11/21, by Fahmida Begum

    Year 1 had their first Drop Down Day session. We focused on our navigate characteristics and in particular we looked at being resilient.

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  • Welcome Olive Tree 2021-22

    Published 08/09/21, by Fahmida Begum

    Assalamu Alaikum!

    Welcome! We have had a very busy, yet fun week in Olive tree class. We have been working very hard.

    In Math's we have been learning all about numbers, ordering and sorting objects into groups. The children did a great job.

    In English, we have been showcasing our writing skills and using our phonics to help us read and write. 

    We also carried out a little science experiment focusing on the importance of washing our hands. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. 

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  • Exciting Science experiment for year one !

    Published 22/07/21, by Mahbuba Choudhury

    Year one looked at mixing colour with a few simple equipments: plastic cups, tissues and different colour dyes. We observed how the tissue soaked the dye and made different colours.

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  • Drop down day Fun!

    Published 22/07/21, by Mahbuba Choudhury

    Year one had a lovely, informative and tranquil drop down day. Ustaad told the children the story of Yunus (AS) and Nuh ((AS). We learnt that as the prophets we are also all interdependent on each other and the natural world around us for our very existence and survival ultimately we are dependent on Allah.

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  • Year one Quran Competition

    Published 05/07/21, by Mahbuba Choudhury

    In year one our children have taken part in the school Quran competition. All the participants did excellent recitations of the Glorious Quran and have won prizes. 

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  • Floating and sinking experiment in Year One !

    Published 25/06/21, by Mahbuba Choudhury
    This term in year one we have been experimenting with different materials to see which is the best at floating and sinking. The materials we used included: wool, coin, rubber band, lolly stick, crayon and wooden pencil. The children discovered t
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  • Eid celebrations in Year One

    Published 17/05/21, by Mahbuba Choudhury

    In year one we all were celebrating Eid Ul Fitr. The children came into school in their best clothes and were all looking beautiful. Throughout the day they were participating in making eid cards, henna patterns, sharing their eid experiences and enjoying a festive Eid lunch.

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  • Year One welcome Ramadhan !

    Published 23/04/21, by Mahbuba Choudhury

    Have a look at the children's artistic efforts.

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