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Year One - Fig Tree Class

Read all about our exciting adventures and learning!

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  • The life of Muhammad Ali

    Published 07/05/24, by Madina Noor

    Today in History, we learnt about the life of Muhammad Ali. We recreated a timeline using flashcards and discussed the key events of his life in our groups. We then used the information on the flashcards to write the key events on the timeline.

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  • Bird Sculptures

    Published 03/05/24, by Madina Noor

    Today, we sculpted birds using plasticine. We used techniques such as rolling and pinching to create the teardrop shape for the body of the bird. We also sculpted the head and added further details such as the wings and beaks etc. 


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    Published 01/05/24, by Madina Noor

    This morning, we noticed some cracks in the eggs! During the afternoon, the chicks began to tap the eggshell with their beaks to make tiny holes inside the shell! 

    Just before it was time to go home, the first chick pushed its way out of the egg! It was such a wonderful sight to see, Alhamdulillah! 

    By the end of the week, the rest of the chicks had hatched. They had become dry and fluffy and were transferred from the incubator to a brooder box were they could walk around and feed on chick crumb and drink water. We went in small groups to observe them and spoke about the importance of using gentle hands to hold and stroke them. 


    We all had a chance to hold the chicks! We knew to be gentle and stroke them gently. It was a memorable experience, Alhamdulillah! They felt soft and fluffy. We could see that they had become bigger and were able to stretch out their wings. We learnt the importance of washing our hands after we have been handling them. 





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  • Special Delivery for Year 1 !

    Published 29/04/24, by Madina Noor
    On Monday morning, we received a very special delivery from a lovely lady from Happy Hens. She bought with her 10 eggs which were going to hatch into chicks in a few days. We were SO excited! We have been given instructions on how to look after th
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  • Mini Models - Art

    Published 26/04/24, by Madina Noor

    In Art, we explored working with plasticine to make sculptures. 

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  • Our Garden Area - Growing Plants

    Published 05/02/24, by Madina Noor

    Fig Tree Class have been learning about seeds and plants in Science. 

    We know that seeds can grow into fruits, vegetables and flowers. Seeds come in all different shapes and sizes. 

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  • Taking care of our class plants.

    Published 30/01/24, by Madina Noor

    We take care of our class plants by taking turns watering them every week. Mashâ'Allâh! Look how much they've grown! 

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  • End Of Term Party!

    Published 20/12/23, by Madina Noor

    We have been working really hard, so we thought to end this term with a party! Thank you to our parents for sending us delicious snacks! We enjoyed eating them! 😊

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  • Pizza Party!

    Published 19/12/23, by Madina Noor

    We were rewarded with a Pizza Party for raising the most money as a class for charity. Alhamdulillâh for the yummy food! 

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  • We made smoothies!

    Published 04/12/23, by Madina Noor

    In D.T today, we prepared smoothies by following a recipe.

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  • 20th November 2023

    Creating Y-Phones

    Published 20/11/23, by Madina Noor

    In Science, we made y-phones using plastic cups and string to explore sounds.

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  • Making a slider mechanism for DT

    Published 17/01/22, by Mahbuba Choudhury

    In fig tree we learnt how to make a slider mechanism in a product. We then created our own moving picture for the story 'The Naughty Bus'. We followed instructions to make our sliders. We had lots of fun creating our moving story pages!

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