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Student Council visit to Redbridge Town Hall!

A big 'thank you' to Cllr. Athwal!

Our school has been part of the Redbridge Citizens Alliance for a number of years now, which aims to bring communities together to achieve the changes they want to see in Redbridge by building strength and leveraging local power structures. Part of the work our Student Council does is with or through the alliance.

Over a year ago, the Student Council wrote to the Leader of the Council, Cllr. Jas Athwal, asking for his help to improve road safety outside the school. As a result of their efforts, a pelican crossing has now been installed, making crossing the road safer for children and families.

On Thursday 22nd June 2023, in the presence of the Mayor of Redbridge, Jyotsna Islam, our Student Council presented a thank-you card and flowers to Cllr. Jas Athwal to express our sincere gratitude for his assistance in securing the installation of the pedestrian crossing outside our school and therefore making our community safer.