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Aims, Ethos and Values


“Individuals, families and communities that truly understand and accept their purpose of being in this world, confidently live and work together for a just, responsible and compassionate society”

Vision Statement


School Mission:

❧ Think and Learn ❧       ❧ Pray and Grow ❧      ❧ Serve and Lead ❧

Core School Values

  1. Continuous improvement 

  2. Integrity 

  3. Valuing people 

  4. Positive change

Subsidiary values from the school’s character curriculum:


Sincerity Honesty Etiquette Resilience
Empathy Generosity Creativity Respect
Gratitude Patience Contribution Ownership
Courage Modesty Vision Communication

School Aims


Excellence in personal development, achievement and attainment. High standards set and achieved in: pupil outcomes and achievements, the quality of teaching, the professionalism of staff members, the school’s engagement with and of parents, the personal and collective leadership of all school members.


To foster moral, emotional and spiritual development, as well as faith, in its inward and outward manifestations, within an environment permeated with an Islamic ethos.

Good character

To develop individuals with robust personalities who demonstrate excellent character and attitude so that they are confident citizens of purpose and integrity who contribute positively to society, their families and the world.


To promote inclusion and diversity as well as mutual respect and tolerance towards those with differing beliefs and viewpoints. Through developed empathy: to make positive contributions to society and to the lives of others; and to work with others for the common good.


To promote the development of higher order thinking skills, including critical and creative thinking to ensure the highest levels of academic achievement and contribution towards solving societal problems and fulfilling people’s needs.

Literate & numerate

A systematic and relentless approach to ensuring the firmest foundations of English and Maths skills and attainment from the outset of school life, using tracking of pupil attainment and progress, the regular setting and reviewing of targets, as well as proven interventive and recovery programmes.