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Catch-Up Premium

At Al-Noor Primary School we are committed to delivering high quality education to all pupils of all backgrounds, differences and abilities. We strive to nurture excellence in personal development, achievement and attainment. High standards are set and achieved in pupil outcomes and achievement, the quality of teaching, the curriculum, staff professionalism, parental engagement and in the personal and collective leadership of all school members. ‘Teachers and families across the country have provided extraordinary support to help children learn at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, for many children, the disruption caused by school closures will have had a negative impact on learning and wellbeing.’ EEF Support Guidance for Schools. Page 2 STRATEGY STATEMENT Al-Noor Primary School aims to have a positive catch up strategy in place for all pupils to ensure that the negative impact of Covid-19 is reversed and pupils are able to narrow the attainment gap and meet their age related expectations as set out in the document attached below.