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School Performance


Teachers assess pupils’ abilities in each of the 17 areas of the Early Years Foundations Stage (EYFS) framework against the EYFS Early Learning Goal (ELG) descriptors. They attend local authority moderation meetings with other schools and the school’s assessments are moderated periodically by the local authority too. Moderation is the process of ensuring that assessments made are aligned with national expectations and are thus accurate. The school’s ELG judgments were moderated in 2019.

GLD = A Good Level of Development.

This is a national measure and is the proportion of pupils gaining 'Expected' or higher in the Prime areas and in Maths & Literacy.

  Al-Noor VA Primary  Redbridge National
%GLD 91.5 75.8 71.9
Average total points score 37.6 * *




*The average total points scores nationally and locally have not yet been published.

Phonics Screening Test 2019

The Year 1 phonics screening check is an assessment for all children in Year 1 (typically aged 6).  All state-funded schools with a Year 1 cohort must administer the checks. The test was administered to Year One pupils by their class teachers during the week of 10th June 2019.In 2019, pupils were deemed to have met the required standard in phonics if they scored 32 or more out of a possible 40 in the test. 

Al-Noor VA Primary School Results 2019
% of Year One pupils that passed the test 97%
Redbridge schools (maintained) 84%
National Figures 82%*





*Phonics screening check and key stage 1 assessments in England, 2019, published September 2019