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Our Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher - Ms. Someera Butt

Deputy Head - Ms. Abdulla

Deputy Head - Ms. Navlakhi Ahmed

Assistant Head - Ms. Sultan

Head of Specialist Department - Mevludin Sahinovic

Our Office Team

School Business Manager -Ms. Ali

Senior Office Manager & Assistant School Business Manager - Ms. Saeed

Office Manager & Admissions & Attendance Officer- Ms. Afzal

Receptionist - Ms. Yasir

PA to the Headteacher - Ms. Din

Our Teaching Staff

Reception Date Palm Class - Ms. F. Mirza (EYFS Lead & Teacher) & Ms Ahmed (Teacher) & Ms. Awadh (Teaching Assistant)

Reception Pomegranate Class - Ms. Qutub (Teacher) & Ms.Noor (Teaching Assistant) 

Year One Fig Tree Class - Ms. Z. Dakri (Teacher) & Ms. Choudhury (Teaching Assistant) 

Year One Olive Tree Class - Ms F. Begum (Teacher) & Ms. Pektekin (Teaching Assistant)

Year Two Orange Tree Class - Ms. Khanom (Teacher) & Ms. N. Begum (Teaching Assistant) & Ms. Bibi (Teaching Assistant)

Year Two Mandarin Tree Class- Ms. Mayet (Teacher) & Ms. S. Begum (Teaching Assistant)

Year Three Cranberry Tree Class - Ms. T. Mirza (Teacher) & Ms. Chaudery (Teaching Assistant)

Year Three Blueberry Tree Class - Ms. Haque (Teacher) & Ms. Malik (Teaching Assistant)

Year Four Lychee Tree Class - Ms. Ramay & Ms. Ahmed & Ms. Mahmood (Teaching Assistant) & Ms. Jahangir ( LSA)

Year Four Mango Tree Class - Ms. Patel (Teacher) Ms. Mahmood (Teaching Assistant)

Specialist Teaching Staff

Arabic Teachers - Ustadh Mevludin (Head of Specialist Dept)

Arabic Teaching Assistants - Ustadh Khalifa & Ustadh Solaman

Quran Teacher - Ustadh Hafidh Ubaidullah​​​​​​

Quran Teaching Assistants - Ustadh Shahzad & Ustadha Atiya

Islamic Studies & Arabic Teachers - Ustadh Yusuf & Ustadh Muhibur

Non Teaching Support Staff

School Caretaker - Mr. F. Roy Johnson

Cleaning Staff - Mr. Patel

Cleaning Staff - Mr. Abeid

Cleaning Staff - Ms. S. Ahmed

Specialist Pastoral Staff

School Counsellor - Ms. S. Begum

Emotional Learning Support Assistant (ELSA) - Ms. Nazia (HLTA)

Midday Staff

Senior Midday Supervisor - Ms. Bashir

Midday Supervisors - Ms. Ahmed,  Ms. Jahangir, Ms. Choudhury, Ms Gangat,  Ms. Kanwal, Ms. Khanam, Ms. Begum, Ms. Shad, Ms. Tamanna.