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Parental Contributions

The recommended amount for voluntary contributions per child is below:


Child(ren) in the school Recommended monthly amount
One child £50 per month
Two children £100 per month
Three children £150 per month


*Development of over 60 Huffath of Qur’an, who have gone on to lead
congregational and taraweeh prayers in masajid around the UK.
*Outstanding Arabic language provision, which builds a sound
foundational core of vocabulary and grammar, allowing students to
access Arabic GCSE at secondary school.
*In-depth Islamic Studies provision, covering the basic tenets of faith,
worship, stories of the Prophets (AS) and the nurturing of student’s
character through our Navigate Character development framework.

The government funds the learning and development of your children,
covering all National Curriculum subject areas since the new school opened in
September 2018.
However, it is a requirement for every voluntary aided faith school in the UK to
fund its own faith education. As our school grows to a full capacity of 420
students in 2023, there is an annual need for over £200,000 to fund the
Islamic Studies and Qur’an department. This can only realistically be achieved
through your support.

We need every parent to donate £50 per month, per child. In the absence
of this support, it will not be possible to successfully run the department.
Before the voluntary aided school opened, parents were paying over £3,500
per year per child, to send their children to Al-Noor Independent Primary. We
only need a small fraction of this to deliver the same service, with added
benefits, such as our brand new £8.5m building.

(If you are unable to comfortably afford the recommended amount, a lower monthly amount is equally welcome - any regular amount you can afford!)

The children are given invaluable lessons that are essential to receiving a good grounding in basic Islamic beliefs and worship and help them to become confident Muslims and great citizens.

The school employs dedicated, qualified, experienced and inspirational staff members who are indispensable to the children’s Islamic education. In addition to this the school purchases high quality resources and subscriptions to support these lessons. 

The school does not receive any government funding for all of this, which plays such a critical role in its warm Islamic ethos. A lack of funds means that the school has to consider reducing the provision that has made it so unique.



Regular donations (preferred) - Please download the standing order form and return to the school office OR collect a blank printed copy from the school office. 



Bank transfers - Donations can be made through online transfer using the details below:

Sort code: 6 0 – 0 7 – 1 8

Account number: 7 0 7 2 0 5 9 2

Account name: Al-Noor Foundation

Reference: to obtain your child's unique code please contact the school office. 


WisePay - Use this link below to make an online, hassle-free payment


Cash or Cheque - Please speak to the school office